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The company held a "safe in my heart" Workers Speech Contest
TIME:2012-6-29 14:06:09 | VIEW:

Recently, in order to meet the upcoming national "Safety Month" activities, the company held a "safe in my heart" speech contest workers, Deputy Secretary Zhangdian District innings Zhang Zhongliang attended the event and delivered a speech on corporate security company fully affirmed and put forward higher requirements. 

Twelve players to participate in speech contests, they are based on the post, from the things around you, the people around him talk, sincere and vivid and moving. After nearly two hours of intense competition, the race come to an end, the Ministry of Finance Liu Lili get the first game, won the second prize of marketing Zhang Shaolin, engineering Yan Fei, Technology Sunhai Rui tied for third. 

Through this competition, in demonstrating the presence of employees on the basis of full and effective to improve the safety awareness, in a speech at the same time, promote the safety knowledge, emphasizing the safety concept, create a "safe care, care for life", "safe in my heart "atmosphere.


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