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"Wanfeng" fluidized bed coal gasification gas furnace identification of new products by province
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Shandong Wanfeng cooperation with Dalian University of Technology developed Matthey "10000Nm3 / h fluidized bed coal gasification gas furnace" on July 10, 2012 passed the identification of new products, convened by the Economic and Information Technology Commission and organizations in Shandong Province will.


The product uses an advanced atmospheric fluidized bed coal gasification technology, its main innovations are: the development of a new type of furnace construction, air distribution device and the corresponding process, the use of high temperature air gasification agent to improve the gas calorific value; R & D high temperature air preheater technology to effectively heat recovery system, compared with the two-stage fixed bed gasifier, thermal efficiency has improved greatly; high-temperature gasification process produces no tar and phenolics, good environmental effect; the use of advanced the bag filter technology, gas dust content of less than 50 mg / Nm³.

Appraisal committee of experts agreed that the gasifier product in process optimization, structural design has a larger innovation. Agreed through the identification and acceptance.


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