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Company and North University research cooperation agreement signed
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January 4, 2013, my company and North University research cooperation agreement was signed, the company chairman and schools in North Long Mr. Liu Youzhi attended the signing ceremony. The signing of the agreement, for both strong - strong joint, complementary advantages and common development of the foundation. I am in agreement the exclusive province of Shandong, Shanxi Province gravity Chemical Engineering Research Center, North University developed gas gravity wet FGD technology domestic and international promotion rights. The technology is a revolution in gas wet desulfurization technology, compared with conventional desulfurization desulfurization tower, its application, both to reduce the investment cost customers significantly reduce operating costs while gas desulfurization, energy-saving effect is remarkable. To promote the industrialization of the technology, will compete for my company in the fuel gas industry in a more favorable position for the future development of the company has added new impetus.

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