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The company held a grand celebration thirty-eight forum
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March 7, the company held a grand "celebrate Women's Women Workers Forum", at which emerged out of the past year advanced individual to be commended, Deputy General Manager Hu Man-Man-attended the forum.


Hu, on behalf of the company to all female employees extend festive greetings and sincere wishes. She said that in the past year, all female employees the company, dedication, in different positions plays an important role for the development of the company has made a great contribution, she hopes, in the new year , all female employees who want to continue to play a role in half of the sky, solid work, hard work, and continue to create new experiences, new achievements, and make new contributions to promoting the development of the company to make new and greater contributions.

Forum in a warm atmosphere, and female employees who actively speak, to talk about their feelings and experiences in the past year, and said that in the new year, will be more effort into the development of the company building in order to return the company to female employees care. The last forum in the video "Water knows the answer," playing a successful conclusion.


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