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My company held its second-quarter production Security Conference
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Recently, the company organized the 2013 Annual Conference and production safety work safety in production in the second quarter mobilization meeting, summing up the year 2012 on the basis of work safety, safety in production for the year 2013 for the overall deployment. Yang Fuxin meeting chaired by vice president of production, all the production staff to attend, general manager of the company Bujin Ming attended the meeting and made an important speech.


At the meeting, production manager Wang Yonggang first production for 2012 made ​​a brief summary of safety, while for 2013 mainly from the aspect of safety production tasks, team building, safety training, and so do the detailed arrangements. I hope all the staff at the same time to ensure production safety, continue to follow the good momentum of last year, work safety, maintain morale, and strive to improve, solidarity, work hard, momentum, and write a new brilliant 2013 production safety work.

Next, the team leader made ​​a brief statement on behalf of their importance and necessity for the safe production of published some of his views and experience, not just saying one production safety, but also to implement into practice, so that every employee hearts safety, to security, to the timely elimination of safety hazards in the work to ensure that the specific implementation of safety work.

Finally, general manager of the company Bujingming made ​​an important speech, he said, the company is now the situation is excellent development, production tasks in the first half of the already saturated, we live enough to dry so that we make money, but money is a prerequisite to ensure the safe production If even safety are guaranteed or not, what is the use made ​​money. In the case of the production of heavier tasks, you need to be well done everyone and make concerted efforts, the human resources to complete the production work in safe conditions. Meanwhile, the production department to strengthen the team safety training and equipment maintenance. Now new employees more classes before the conference squad in more emphasis on safety, safety at work and more reminders, Jinzun safety procedures when operating equipment. For devices in their daily work and more maintenance, timely reporting and bad maintenance, so as not to threaten the safety of staff and delay production. Finally, BU always special instructions, in conjunction with the actual situation of the team, according to the company deployed a good job practical skills of all employees training and research work of the pressure vessel welders, and comprehensively improve the overall quality of the workforce for the company to expand production of non-standard pressure vessel market and lay foundation.


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