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My company held a celebration fifty-one worker games
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To celebrate the May Day, enrich their cultural life of leisure, the company held on April 29 to celebrate the annual session of the Games fifty-one workers, company employees to actively take part in, the game is divided into fun relay race, tug of war 2 game project. Voices on the track, race athletes, all full of energy, workers who watch and cheer in the side, "Come on, come on!" The voice of a wave after wave. At this time, the applause, laughter, cheers after another, resounding. Workers who had all his face covered with a smile, without distinction together. After nearly two hours of intense competition, the race a success.


As a cultural brand Matthey annual "May Day" festival approaching, companies are celebrating the festival through various forms of cultural and sports activities, leisure life of rich people, but also to create a festive atmosphere, enhanced friendship and communication among employees, and enhance team cohesion and solidarity.

Fun relay of skipping game

Tug of War

The Penguins Fun Walk Relay

My Fun Relay Jordan (shooting game)

Leapfrog's Fun Relay


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