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Single-stage coal gasifier cold coal gas station
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Technological process

Coal gasifier

The air blower of drum boiler water clip 0.26mpa set of self-produced steam by the control valve, setting the ratio of mixed regulation merged into saturated air (gasifying agent) in air and gas generator, through the check valve into the furnace. In the furnace after the gas occurs at the bottom of the furnace grate uniform wind, inverse to the downward movement of hot ash heating into fire gasification layer (1000-1200 Deg. C) and hot carbon gasification reaction, heat of formation crude gas to new furnace coal drying and coalbed methane deoxidation system export derived from, the exit gas temperature at 500-600 DEG C, the main components for CO, H2, CO2 and N2. Where CO and H2 are the active components of the gas, which belong to the heating gas, N2 is the air component of the gasification agent. Gasifier bed height is 1.3m ~ 1.8m, from top to bottom can be divided into ash layer, gasification layer, reaction layer, dry distillation layer. Into the furnace of coal after crushing, screening, size 13 ~ 25mm, 25 to 50, or 40 ~ 60mm, from coal lifting device added to the top of the furnace coal bunker, bunker in raw coal through coal feeding device for the coal distributor into the furnace.

Purification treatment of baked gas

By the gas occurrence furnace production of crude and hot gas (temperature of 500 to 600 DEG C) into the first double standpipe is thermal cycling cooling water washing, gas part of the dust with a water circulation heat from a double vertical pipe at the lower part of the seal discharge, double standpipe washing and cooling the gas temperature is about 80 DEG C, entered the water sealed gas duct, divided into two respectively washing tower was again the cooling and cleaning dust, gas cooled to a temperature of 30 to 45 DEG C, through gas compressor and the pressure was increased to 6 kPa (also can be adjusted according to the user re entering the drop catcher to remove the moisture from the gas and finally transmitted to the user.

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