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Pulverized bed coal gasifier
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 Technological process

Process description of the "Wan Feng" fluidized bed pulverized coal gasifier:

After processing the qualified raw coal, the coal preparation system is put into the main coal bunker. The lower part of the main raw coal bunker coal by the coal feeder side, into the gasification furnace. The air is mixed with the air blower, and the steam is mixed with the air, and the air is warm, and the gasification agent is in the gasifier. Gasification agent to make the coal into the furnace good fluidization, and oxidation reaction. The raw material coal and the gasification agent direct contact, the formation of dense phase in the bottom of the gasification furnace, in which gas and solid two phase mass transfer, in the temperature of the reaction. The gas carried by the reaction particles is carried to the upper part of the gasification furnace. Because the crude gas outlet temperature can reach 900 degrees above, so that the coal tar, phenolic substances in high temperature cracking, the formation of effective gas composition. Heavy impurities and reaction furnace ash after the fall to the bottom of gasification furnace, the discharge pipe, discharged from the slag machine. Part of the non reaction of the small particles with the gas out, in the high-temperature separator gas, solid particles separation, solid particles by the high temperature separator bottom of the back of the device into the gasification furnace, again, the formation of circular. After the high temperature separator of the gas is released, the cooling system of the multi - level heat exchanger is cleaned by the dust removal system, and then the temperature is cooled down to the required temperature.

Process characteristics of "Wanfeng" pulverized coal gasifier:

The "Wanfeng" pulverized coal gasification furnace is a coal gas device developed according to the principle of coal gasification. With the use of a number of independent intellectual property rights of the patented technology, making the "Wan Feng" powder coal gasification furnace system has the following remarkable characteristics:

1 wide adaptability of fuel: the system uses lignite, long flame coal, non bonding or weakly bonded coal, etc., basically meet the activity, ash melting point and other conditions can be used as raw coal. Due to wide range of coal species distribution, the price is low, can make the cost of gas production decreased significantly.

2 raw coal pretreatment is simple: the coal particle size of the powder coal gasification furnace is generally less than 10mm, and the preparation system of raw coal is simplified.

3 clean environmental protection: no tar, phenol and other substances in the crude gas, so the gas production without phenol waste water discharge, meet the State advocates of clean coal gas production.

4 operation safety is simple: the system adopts DCS automatic control system, the degree of automation is high, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the staff

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