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Dry desulfurization system
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 Technological process

1, iron oxide desulfurization at room temperature
Iron oxide desulfurization at ambient temperature. That is, iron oxide as a desulfurization agent.
Production process including desulfurization and regeneration. Containing hydrogen sulfide gas through the desulfurization agent, hydrogen sulfide and desulfurization agent to generate iron sulfide and iron sulfide, desulfurizing agent with water in the gas uniform contact in water conditions, iron oxide becomes ferric hydroxide, then gas of hydrogen sulfide and iron hydroxide reaction. The equations are as follows:
3+3H2S (OH) Fe2S3+6H2O 2Fe
3+ (OH) H2S 2Fe 2Fe (OH) 2+S+2H2O
2+ (OH) H2S FeS+2H2O Fe
The absorption of hydrogen sulfide desulfurization agent, in the presence of moisture can be regenerated with the oxygen in the air, iron sulfide and transformation for iron hydroxides and precipitation of elemental sulfur, gradually accumulate in the desulfurizer. Reaction is as follows.
4Fe 2Fe2S3+3O2+6H2O (OH) 3+6S
4Fe 4FeS+3O2+6H2O (OH) 3+4S
2, activated carbon dry desulfurization
The main use of activated carbon catalytic and adsorption, the gas in the H2S in the activated carbon surface catalytic generation of sulfur and water, and adsorbed on the activated carbon particles. The main reaction is:
2H2SO2 2S2H2O
Activated carbon adsorption saturation, the desulfurization efficiency will be reduced, need to be removed from the saturated activated carbon, back to the sale of activated carbon manufacturers to carry out regeneration treatment, desulfurization tower in the activated carbon every three to five months to be regenerated. Regeneration of activated carbon is determined by the nature of the material, the general sulfur in atmospheric pressure, 119 degrees Celsius, degrees to 444 degrees Celsius, the gas, so that the heat of the steam (500 ~ 450), to reach the gasification temperature, sulfur and sulfur compounds from activated carbon, in the recycling pool water cooled into solid sulfur, so that activated carbon can be regenerated.
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