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Phenol water treatment system
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Technological process

According to the requirements of environmental protection, the gas station phenol water must be zero emissions. Our company took the lead in 2006 to use the next section of the gas heat exchanger through the heat exchanger to the gas station harmful substances phenol water into the new technology: that is not to change the original gas furnace process and gas production conditions, the use of high temperature gas from the waste heat will phenol water into steam, as a gas furnace in the gasifier. It has solved the problem that a large amount of phenol water is difficult to deal with the environment, and saves the daily energy consumption of a steam boiler.
The working principle of phenol water evaporation: after filtering the water through the phenol water pump into the phenol water evaporation heat exchanger, in the phenol water evaporation heat exchanger to absorb the next section of gas heat (two section gas producer gas temperature at 450 to 550 C), produce phenol water vapor. The phenol water steam into the steam pipe by independent bottom air pipeline is mixed with air to form a saturated gasifying agent, into the furnace. When the harmful substances such as phenols are passed through the oxide layer, the high temperature oxidation layer is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water at high temperature by 1000 to 1200.
Phenol water disposal is a major problem, phenol water evaporation depends to change the effect of heat exchange of the heat exchanger, and phenol water in the pre filter degree decided that the change of heat exchanger fouling rate, for heat exchanger once the thicker the scale and other attachments, will greatly reduce the effect of heat transfer and influence of evaporation amount. Therefore, the design of phenol water evaporation process, the additional multi-stage filter, including the first level of the dust phenol water through a sedimentation tank, the large particles will be removed, and then through a separate oil tank, will be removed from the coal tar phenol water. And then through three levels of coke filter will be further purification of phenol water dust. Through the above process, the phenol water from the water pump into the filter tank, filter again. After filtering the clean water into the heat exchanger for evaporation treatment.
I use this filtering process, through a series of oil separation, dust, filtration, purification of phenol water into the water evaporation heat exchanger, not easy to cause heat exchanger fouling, greatly ensure the efficiency of phenol water treatment, while the content of impurities in the water to reduce, but also reduce
the equipment damage.
At the same time, the phenol water evaporation heat exchanger after continuous upgrading, has been very mature and stable. Not only the phenol water is completely evaporated, but also the life of the equipment caused by the water corrosion of phenol is successfully solved. At present, the general manufacturers of phenol water evaporation tubes for the general seamless pipe or ordinary stainless steel, and the company is a joint development of China University of Petroleum and the acid and corrosion resistant steel.
The phenol water treatment technology of gas station is the patent product of our company, it is a bright spot of gas station. Through the Shandong province science and technology department organization of scientific and technological achievements. Appraisal conclusion is: "domestic first, the main technical indicators to reach the international advanced level, in line with the national energy saving and emission reduction industry policy". Which phenol water processor invention patent is domestic initiative.
Phenol water processor patent number is ZL2007 20020771.2, phenol water heat exchanger ZL2008 20226528.
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