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Shandong Wan Feng hydraulic float ball officially opened
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By Shandong Wanfeng group's Wan Feng Tianyu culture company independent research and development of dynamic landscape geomancy ball - the large hydraulic rotating and floating ball, recently in the company facility installation and debugging are completed and officially opened.

Large hydraulic floating spin is a dynamic landscape Wanfeng Tianyu independent design and development, with a number of invention patents. Is suitable for urban leisure culture square, parks, beaches, campuses and other places of large-scale landscape. The official opening of the floating spin to the ball, and the diameter of the sphere is 3.14 meters (Yue Wei), sit tight in the springs and etching on the surface of text and image. The water drive slowly rotating sphere, the sphere like lantern like dancing endlessly, of great momentum, magnificent. Slowly the fountain, fish play waves, dense fog, meaning the vibrant, downwind downstream, exchequer billow, a bright future!
Introduction of large thin walled hydraulic floating ball (feng shui ball):
One, the image implied meaning: the melody that slowly turns, the flowing water drives the aura. Fast, get a break!
Two, the technical advantages of our company:
Metal hydraulic float (Feng Shui) ball of large-scale dynamic landscape, is my company's proprietary technology.
Current feng shui ball sphere are solid stone ball, compared with the thin metal squash: the former weight the (for example as 2 m diameter sphere, which is less than 2% of the weight of the former); the former large moment of inertia, the latter small; of high energy consumption of the former, the latter low; in handy and sensory. The former to small size shape is placed in a room, hall, construction door or park sketch, give people a sense of elegant wonderful; the latter can made into a large diameter, due to the large and spectacular Weiwei, more suitable for Urban Leisure Culture Plaza, parks and beaches and campus places large landscape. The former is not only manufacturing transport costs, but due to the processing conditions, the current domestic rare diameter of more than two meters; the latter 5 meters in diameter, the factory production is simple, easy to transport; 5 meters above, the scene of the production and no transport out of gauge.
The company uses thin wall metal spheres instead of the existing solid stone, the core of which is the production of thin walled metal ball of proprietary technology. Sphere diameter range between 1-10 meters. The ball is less than 5 meters in diameter. The factory is finished and the test is finished, and the ball diameter is more than 5 meters.
The company developed a metal hydraulic rotary float (Feng Shui) ball large-scale dynamic landscape ball, using proprietary technology in the production of ball roundness within 0.5 per 1000. According to the user only need to mirror or sub light processing. Sphere is located at the upper port of the ball and socket, stable torque at maximum wind in the 90kg/m L (hurricane) will not lead to sphere ball to deviate from the danger. Daily operation, adjust the water pressure and flow, can make the ball into a tiny floating and can slowly rotate the stable dynamic equilibrium state, forming a unique large-scale dynamic landscape.
The company invented the metal hydraulic rotary float (Feng Shui) ball large-scale dynamic landscape ball hydraulic rotation system, including ball, a water storage tank, a water pump, a water supply tube, water pressure and flow regulating valve, dynamic water nozzle, connected with a water wheel, a water return pipe, water storage tank liquid level controller and a drain valve, structural type together as one. Factory production debugging is completed, the site is easy to install. Inlet valve, water pressure flow control valve and the discharge valve located in the wall of the storage tank, easy to operate. The water storage tank is arranged on the wall of hole cleaning maintenance, regular maintenance cleaning, sewerage, replacement of water (water) regularly.
The company developed a metal hydraulic rotary float (Feng Shui) ball large dynamic landscape ball power water nozzle and sphere relative position or angle can be adjusted freely, the sphere in the ball around the center of any rotating shaft.
The company developed a metal hydraulic rotary float (Feng Shui) ball large-scale dynamic landscape ball spherical after smoothing, bare surface (stainless steel), can also be coated with colored coating or carved (negative pattern) graphic, increase color culture.
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