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Using coal gasifier coal gas technology
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Strategic position of coal along with rising oil prices and rising coal and coal-based fuel reformer has become the most important part of the world power structure. Direct combustion of coal, not only low thermal efficiency and environmental pollution is very serious. To protect the environment, and now most of the area was now Jinshao signed, so there is a great question before us, how to get efficient and environmentally clean power today Shandong gas furnace manufacturers and small series we explore?
China's coal-bed methane and shale gas is more generous storage capacity can be offset by oil, natural gas consumption over a certain extent. Coal gas are coal or coke and other carbonaceous material as the material to air and water vapor as the gasifying agent, the introduction of the concept of heat in this communication process. It can be seen, there is no temperature difference between the hot and cold communicate concept of heat is also not established. Occurs in atmospheric fixed bed coal gasification furnace to obtain combustible gas technology, the main component of the produced gas is planned carbon monoxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, combustible component of producer gas equipment for carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas should be safe reliable, the clumsy manual work and risk, should be preferred mechanization and automation methods.
Coal gas technology that is a sophisticated, environmentally friendly, using a wide range of clean coal technology. Because a lot of lazy rich in nitrogen component, and therefore gas calorific value is not high, low calorific value of 6MJ / Nm3 disposal. History front with gas stove hundred years of preparation gas technology, followed by gas expansion and innovation of science and technology has become a modern industrial furnace are not short of energy-saving equipment. From now on view, some new technology from birth to the completion of large-scale production, the need to implement the use of very long stretches of time, and the lack of conventional power is facing the situation, therefore, the discovery of new unconventional power, where there is gas equipment units shall have full-time or part-time technical staff for security in the gas handling unit.
Now the company's expansion is no different and would not expand, we Wanfeng gas furnace factory always follow this principle, continuous technological innovation to expand, is in line with China's industrialization plea, it has excellent expansion prospects. Full use of existing cost advantages, the cost will be very useful to contact a good way.
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