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Shandong wanfeng small producer coal gasifier and the main purpose of the works
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At the mention of coal gasifier we should first think of is some very large equipment; In order to adapt to the development of the industry, to provide suitable products to more enterprises in the industry, shandong wanfeng chemical equipment co., LTD. According to the different production of various industries also have many different specifications of the small producer gas generator, today small make up to introduce is the main purpose of the small producer gas generator and working principle.
Purpose: small gas generator is used for all kinds of metal processing furnace, ceramic furnace, molten aluminum furnace, copper refining furnace, forging furnace, forging furnace, metal products, hot dip galvanizing furnace, heating furnace, drying furnace, glass industry. Ceramic industry. Form a complete set of cable industry to provide gas fuel.
Small producer gas generator works:
1) easy to slag: QM - type 2 wet slag series gas producer as long as put on level ground, can be very convenient ash ensure humanized operation;
2) applies to both continuity and periodic production: can work 24 hours continuous slag removal without having to stop a air distribution;
3) easy operation: feeding time on the gas outlet temperature display without experience operating;
4) long service life: adopt unique pagoda heat-resisting cast iron grate a cooling air distribution and grate make grate maintain between 150 and 250 degrees Celsius temperature greatly prolong the service life of the grate
5) easy maintenance: all furnace components adopt weldments users only need a welder can be on-site to complete the whole furnace overhaul maintenance time is short the access manhole reserved for maintenance personnel in and out of all the furnace repair work can be finished within the furnace body does not need to tear open outfit furnace
6) double security, the use of more security, safety is the lifeline of enterprise, the safety performance of the selected equipment is the enterprise the most concern.
7) combustion more uniform: ability to broken slag ash slag plate under uniform circular seam can be evenly along the slag down not because different coal seam around the uneven density in the chamber of a stove or furnace combustion state (that is, partial burn issues)
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