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Single-stage gas furnace to solve the old problem of non-compliance stove temperature
TIME:2016-7-25 10:43:25 | VIEW:
Vintage stove temperature up to 300 degrees, reach the manufacturing requirements, after inspection, side pressure has reached the rated value, deaerator water temperature is normal. In other words, old-fashioned stove temperature is not compliance. Single-stage gas furnace insulation materials used in automotive interior, solved the old-fashioned stove temperature is not compliance problems. The gas furnace with advanced technology, greatly improving the work efficiency, completely solve the pollution of the old-fashioned stove, many serious problems cost coal, temperature and other non-compliance, saving substantial costs for businesses year to give enterprises of praise. Single-stage gas furnace heat gas station because of the operation, the cause of the structure, Gasification and other gas equipment, the gas outlet lower temperature is too low to be modulated appropriate temperature around on stage gas outlet temperature of 120 ℃, lower gas an outlet temperature of 550 ℃ or so. If the lower gas outlet temperature is low, will lead to lower gas tar content increased, the risk of clogging purification equipment, increased pollution.
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