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Wanfeng gas furnace fuel furnace energy saving can reduce pollution
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Over the years, Wanfeng gas furnace equipment in the market to achieve good results in terms of energy saving and environmental protection contribution is very significant; the economy through the gas were used in furnaces and heat treatment furnace of comparing, from saving viewpoint, in the case of normal production normal operation, the energy ratio of the two fuels is coal stove stove: gas furnace = 1: 0.95, that the use of producer gas compared to coal-fired and direct energy savings of 5%.
Traditional coal combustion and conventional coal utilization process will produce large amounts of pollutants, causing serious environmental pollution. The main reason is: fewer emissions than the conventional coal combustion. Coal is not easy to fully contact with oxygen to form incomplete combustion, combustion efficiency is low, the relative increase in pollution row, the combustion process is difficult to control, such as lack of oxygen often volatile when a lot of precipitation, causing black smoke and soot deposited.
With the rapid development of the market, we continue to advance drying equipment. When untreated solid coal direct combustion, a lot of dust discharged with the flue gas together, causing a lot of dust pollution. Most coal sulfur oxide in the combustion process into SOx; the solid fuel combustion temperature is difficult to uniformly form a local high-temperature region, prompting a large number of NO formation; some of these major advantages just Wanfeng gas furnace, we believe these advantages Learn more about, you can make better use of our products, the maximum value of the use of our products.
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