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Two sections of gas occurrence furnace scheduling for air
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Shandong wanfeng double sections of gas producer is the quantity and the quality of coal used, how much for the gas, gas stove furnace condition, so, how to dispatch the double period is for the exchange of air flow and gas generator have to start from the following several aspects.
1. When the pressure is higher than the rules when planning, should pass small air volume, below rules when planning, should increase the air volume.
Scheduling volume 2. It is necessary to contact furnace condition, which is as the arrangement of the generator group leader should have a plan as a whole, namely the healthy furnace heavy, light disease furnace, don't make the generator to increase the load of the deterioration of the furnace condition has worsen its not maintenance and make the furnace condition more.
3. Increase the air volume should contact the processing of material layer, when the partial work and blaze, air volume increase, also fuelled the development of abnormal furnace condition, so on the one hand, increase the air volume, on the one hand, it should speed up to the bottom of the furnace.
4. Determine the maximum air volume, each a coal furnace gasification of coal, there are certain gasification intensity, such as in the 350 kg/m2, datong coal in huainan coal 300 kg/m2, it can be calculated per unit time the largest and most numerous coal gas system. We add on scheduling is to detect a gas stove furnace coal seam of concave and convex, for mechanical automatic coal can be input on the manipulation of the device used in the feeding cycle time and make appropriate adjustments according to the furnace condition and throughput. Beyond a certain planning can produce, but the decrease of the quality of the gas furnace condition may change, hot work, so can't open too big air volume.
5. Determine the minimum air volume, it is mentioned above and the corresponding, in the low volume, on the one hand, the whole cross section can't arrive in uniform ventilation, simple composition of cold work and work.
6. Air flow scheduling best is a small amount of scheduling, such as scheduling from 3000-6000 m3 / h, if you can do it every time increased to 1000 m3 / h, arrived at three times the amount of scheduling, and half an hour distance between every time, which will be conducive to levels of habit gradually.
7. Air flow scheduling shall be three together, that is, scheduling air volume, scheduling with plump temperature (this also mostly choose automatic control) insist on fire layer length and fire temperature, together with the scheduling and coal, insist on the bed height (that is, the empty layer); Adjust the slag quantity together, insist on ash layer height.
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