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Producer gas generator gasification technology environmental temperature easy to control
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The first condition of environmental protection has always been, in the society of this first time, we are of the utmost importance in shandong wanfeng company environmental protection, is constantly trying to, for bring bigger pictorial effect for the society. So far we have made great progress.

Gas producer in gasification technology, which has two kinds of cold gas and hot gas, can choose according to the nature of the product is not the same as fuel gas, heating fuel cleanliness without beg goods, can choose the hot gas; Heating is pleading for fuel cleanliness products, gas purification can be made into clean cold gas, cold gas dust content and its harmful ingredients (such as H2S) is very low, not contaminated products, thus can choose has become. The traditional coal burning temperature of kiln is not easy to control, often with temperature to rise up, don't think drop drop down.
Using gas to choose small energy burner, facilitate by Anton burner operation temperature, then the first-grade product rate of forward products. Traditional way of coal combustion can only heat no pleading to fuel products, such as heating is needed more clean products, can only choose muffle is heated, it will undoubtedly greatly reduce fuel heat utilization. The use of cold gas and hot gas heating products, such as scheduling kiln temperature only scheduling gas valve and valve opening, very concise, forward on product quality, improve production technology, improve working conditions and environmental health. It has obvious effect.
Environmental protection has been paid great attention in the broad masses of the people, now more and more people begin to pay more attention to the details of environmental protection of life, it is also worthy of our study, we all know, gas producer is not going, environmental protection is not a man of slave can be simple to do, in order to protect our environment from damage, each of us should do his duty, starts from oneself, make its own contribution to society.
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