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Gas furnace manufacturers have sufficient capacity for innovation occurs
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Innovation is the soul of a nation's progress, prosperity of a country is never power failure. As the saying goes, "human existence because of competition, because competition and social development", there is no competition, there is no driving force for development, there is no present today, it shows the importance of innovation. As a gas furnace manufacturers, Wanfeng Shandong Coal Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. felt the breath of the revitalization of the national industry, wants to be the pinnacle of world standing gas stove, technological innovation is most important.
For gas furnace equipment, the technology innovation will not happen overnight, from a gas furnace technology since the introduction of China, then again and again through innovation, we put a lot of manpower, material and technology, adhere to the development of Wenzhongqiujin tone, mature, stable technology dominate the market.
Some gas furnace manufacturer in the manufacture of equipment, short-sighted, blind copy, mimic other vendor's equipment, the equipment can not be updated, there is no technology at all, not only undermine the healthy development of gas furnace equipment industry, or customer irresponsible.
Gas furnace equipment technological innovation must have a clear goal, not aimless or whimsical design and production, if it involves the production of a gas furnace equipment does not meet the needs of customers and the needs of society and causing resource waste. So, in technological innovation, we want to develop the direction customers want to work on. For example, now advocates the concept of energy saving, then our gas furnace will deal with issues around pollution generated to design.
Wanfeng Shandong Coal Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a large number of talents engaged in technology research and development and professional production team, with sophisticated equipment, improved detection methods and scientific management system. Over the past decade, the company adhere to scientific and technological innovation, we have applied and received 101 patents, five invention patents, two international patents. Company and Beijing Branch of Coal Science Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Coal Chemistry, Shandong University, China University of Petroleum, Dalian University of Technology and other research institutes to establish a long-term technical cooperation, as China Petroleum University and Shandong University research practice teaching base.
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