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Shandong Wanfeng method describes the operation of the gas furnace stopped functioning correctly
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Gas furnace is an important coal-gas production equipment, but equipment and people, tired people need a break, gas furnace equipment could not have been running, then the gas furnace operation to stop the operation, what should be the correct security operating it? Shandong Wanfeng following small series for everyone to explain:
1, after receiving a command to stop gas furnace needs to turn, you must first notify the operator off the burner, close the gas valve and the air valve.
2, open the safety relief valve on the side of the stove, turn off the stove at the bottom of the air valve and stop the operation of the blower, so basically it is no burning capabilities.
3, the bottom of the steam open, law enforcement oh furnace inlet temperature and steam temperature the same, and then close the steam, and other furnace cooled to a certain extent, then turn the ash pan to remove ashes inside, so put a shutdown things done.
Security is the basis of production, without security, it can not normally be produced. And the use of gas furnace manufacturers, in accordance with the above operation, it can safely stopped gas furnace, as well as to remind the operator must be trained and then posts, in accordance with the provisions of the correct operation of the operation, in order to avoid injuries.
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