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The main advantage of the introduction of gas furnace
TIME:2016-8-4 9:41:46 | VIEW:
1. The choice of a full water jacket furnace, steam production high pressure stable, favorable gasification.
a. gas stove occupied full steam origins have ample water to a total of 50-60 people bathe.
b. the furnace cooling effect is good, water kit sets without distortion.
2. The furnace lining the main choice of 16mm boiler plate production, the choice of 12mm outer lining is generally steel production, and other manufacturers such comparison, resistance to oxidation, corrosion resistance, high temperature, the use of proceeds of the life of the furnace.
3. The gas furnace with adjustable points of coal bezel and conical points coal device combined use of a uniform distribution of coal, fuel furnace section thickness substantially together, and then proceeds coal gasification power, eradicate flaming partial furnace phenomenon .
4. The five-story tower Pentagon furnace grate selection, material selection, steel castings, rational planning of the grate, enabling uniform distribution of gasification agent, operating nowadays residue evenly distributed relatively stable furnace material layer can be at its best gas production, and to reduce the carbon content of slag.
5. The ash pan part worm gear selection device, use 35 # 45 # steel and steel to enhance the transmission parts of the tensile and compressive strength to ensure that the host during normal operation smoothness and durability.
6. With isolation seal cyclone, shutdown during a power outage, you can shut down the height of the advancing water, cut off the gas stove and oven between the thermal gas, to ensure that no pressure occurs, eradicate flashback bombings.
7. The Company conferred to each user's use of the gas furnace operator training to ensure that users in the use of gas stove in the future, in terms of their own economic and environmental aspects of the company can be reached best plea.
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