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Coal gas producer cloth and heap know-how
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Gas producer skills by the host and the gas stove ash hopper, flat cyclone devices such as composition, suitable for general heating occasions, its production process is a continuous monotonous, carbonization, gasification process, coal gas producer and know-how and pushing coal way is varied, the first divided into two kinds of coal and pile of coal, this article will introduce two methods of feeding the trick and characteristics.
(1) to ensure that the gas quality, it is necessary to homogeneous continuous feeding, feeding, it is necessary as far as possible according to the uniform of the time, distance and coal, and every time should be less coaling, appropriate distances carbon layer height. Carbon layer height first according to the intensity of blowing posited, appropriate distances carbon layer height can increase the rate of steam differentiation and trudge gas quality, it should be easy to understand, old mechanic all understand.
(2) coal type stoker, begged continuously, step by step a evenly distributed in all the coal furnace section, pleading with severe sealing, to ensure the furnace gas and the outside air convection. But should adjust timely according to flow intensity, according to the relevant units, resume when blowing intensity bigger, usually empty ride height control in 1.7 ~ 2.0 m.
(3) double period of gas producer is in a single period of gas generator on the basis of adding a dry distillation section, before the coal gasification thoroughly dry distillation, evaporation points in coal in recovery before most separated into oxidation, and with the gas in the upper furnace body. Double bell jar stoker, connecting rod drive pawl, ratchet wheels the stoker of camshaft back, and bell lever shake up and down, stocks move bell valve for opening and closing.
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