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Kiln furnace plumbing problem often encountered in the installation of gas
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When the gas furnace kiln were plumbing equipment, often encounter a variety of circular shapes of furnaces, for example, has a circular vertical kiln and round down smoke kiln, burner most evenly distributed circumferentially. Equipment should plan its pipeline into a circular coil coiled contrast polygon is still good? Reflections from a wide range, starting with the selection of the gas furnace, if the cold clean gas or a two-stage thermal decoking gas, due to the contrast of clean gas, tar-containing small pipe is not blocked briefly, can circular coil; the assumption is single-stage gas furnace heat produced crude gas tar content of large, should be used polygonal coiled plan, port plans pipeline explosion-proof seal, safe and easy to clean up the pipeline, it plans to assume a circular coiled duct obstruction is not easy to clean up. Most evidence-based multilateral coiled kiln circumference plan is not the same size pipe combination multilateral pentagon, six deformation in the pack and explosion safety of the pipeline on the relevant circular coiled better.
Among the industrial enterprises, since the underground industrial pipes very messy, so often used in overhead gas pipeline. Suppression of producer gas, water gas, semi-water gas, blast furnace gas and converter gas pipes laid underground. As these carbon monoxide gas high contrast, if the pipes laid underground, the gas will leak once sneaked along the seam duty room, operating room and not easily found, briefly causing poisoning incidents.
The inclination of the inclination overhead line overhead line typically 2% to 5%. Overhead pipeline reason to maintain a certain inclination, is based on the degree of purification of gas transport in most industrial enterprises is not high overhead, in addition to more water-rich, but also rich in more sulfide, cyanide and other corrosive ingredients naphthalene, coke pool, dust and other ingredients easy settlement, other overhead line span deflection due to the presence of pitted, pitted Department will accumulate condensed water and sediment near pitted perhaps leaving sediment accumulation of condensate poor secretion . If the pipe is not tilt gas corrosive constituents may react chemically with the pipe, pipeline corrosion, which shortens the use life of the pipeline, increased insecurity factors. Guidelines for determination of overhead line inclination, is to make the pipe does not exhibit anti-slope.
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