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Gas furnace coal combustion is not sufficient elements
TIME:2016-9-17 12:03:29 | VIEW:
In the gas furnace operation, sometimes high carbon content of coal ash, and even unburned coals children adequately mixed in coal ash, a waste of capital so greatly, is not conducive to the company's benefit, we look at the constitution of coal block incomplete combustion elements.
We all know that coal and gas occurrence is a mixed gas of air and water vapor reaction results, we analyzed from two aspects of coal and gasification agent. Important, if uneven distribution of coal in the furnace, furnace appear biased or slagging phenomenon, will be a part of coal combustion is not sufficient; the other hand, if the size of the operation of the air consumption coefficient, uncertainty about thoroughly Lai inquiry, by conditioning experience, there will be no complete combustion. In the past, with the given air consumption coefficient holding empty fuel ratio, but generally due to the heat value of fuel damage waver normal air, fuel ratio, it is difficult to complete the oxygen combustion. Expand the years by successive oxidation Connaught oxygen analyzer measured the oxygen content in the flue gas as the active control of combustion signal to control the supply of fuel and air. But also can be separately controlled in each segment were measured in the flue gas oxygen content of the signal to control the air-fuel ratio of each segment.
Always, in normal operation, gas furnace fuel not only tune conditioned air, conditioned air, or just does not transfer fuel are errors, which are composed of unburned coal ash contains sufficient coal elements. Fuel and air ratio will directly affect the gas power, we need to pay special attention to.
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