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Causes furnace gas evaporated layer missing
TIME:2016-9-18 14:24:02 | VIEW:
 Gas furnace evaporated layer just disappeared into a big stove. When this happens, some large gas carbon dioxide, so the gas outlet temperature up to 600 degrees, more may be supplied with an empty layer to produce a natural fire. under these circumstances:
1. pay attention to speed up coal fuel enrichment monotonous layer cover. Move to the normal orientation (grate 200mm) oxide layer at the bottom of the furnace to increase the amount of steam, the cooling of the oxide layer, until the adjustment furnace conditions, the furnace outlet temperature dropped to normal temperature of 550 degrees Celsius.
2. fullness temperature is too small, the water vapor content of the air is very small, constituting the oxide layer acute severe burning, causing the temperature rise of the gasification layer. This furnace, the oxide layer has a large amount of slag residue effect, wind, no slagging around the gas flow increases, gas furnace does not reduce (carbon dioxide) through a carbon look, too much carbon dioxide gas. Carbon also increases the carbon content of slag together, wasting power.
3. oxide slagging tends to burn some phenomenon, because some slagging coal seams fall, no slagging whereabouts position is relatively stable, if not heal, followed by the passage of time, gas furnace constitute smooth some of the oxide layer, fire-wang slagging some air circulation, the oxide layer is not busy fire until the fire. This situation increases attention fullness temperature (steam), the decrease in temperature oxide slag, coarse drill pipe 30, while rotating ash pan, squeeze a small gas furnace ashes released.
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