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Environmental behavior carried forward fired gas furnace energy efficiency conversion rate
TIME:2016-9-19 14:52:21 | VIEW:
The past two years of rising oil prices, the cost of power occupied an increasing share in the cost of goods in the industrial production, the company has become an important factor restricting economic progress. Our country is a big country takes power, the power structure of the primary cost of coal, accounting for more than 60% of the total amount of spending in order to reduce production costs and expand the use of coal fields and seek to meet the request of the coal production process change approach, advancing coal adaptability, has become one of the most important questions of industrial production process.
Relying on domestic technological progress in advancing coal change rate, gas furnace and kiln forward power, the use of waste heat recovery and achieved great results. But generally speaking, the current domestic power use, low power, poor economic power, coal Change technology is relatively backward, burning coal directly using a high proportion of questions has not been a foundation change, energy consumption and developed relatively widely spaced, such as primary energy consumption per unit of industrial commodities as steel, chemical work 20% higher than the advanced countries a primary commodity 8000. cement industry, flat glass consumption higher than 5000. 3000 a gas furnace is to convert coal to gas in industrial production, especially in the steel, building materials and other work has been widely used, which is characterized by This avoids direct coal burning pollution of the atmospheric environment, help protect the environment, but also with reduced energy consumption in industrial processes. thus, high-quality coal research technology change is rational and efficient use of coal, the company advancing economic and social an effective way to benefit.
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