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Gas furnace before use need to prepare it?
TIME:2016-9-20 11:03:16 | VIEW:
Gasifier can convert coal to a combustible gas - gas (mainly composed of CO, H2, CH4, etc.) of the production equipment. For many industrial manufacturers, the choice of gas furnace is undoubtedly the best choice. So before you use gas stoves, what you need to be ready to work?
Front opening of the gas station all the checks, and make records, checks are: first check the mechanical equipment, electrical equipment. All manholes (except the furnace manholes), should be fully closed. All seal should be filled with water, and should not have to check everywhere seal leaking. Furnace water jacket water and steam accumulator and check whether the drum kits and water leakage. All occurred on the stove pipe joint valve should open and close active, all lubrication points should be written lubricating oil, it is in excellent lubrication. The power is turned on, off, and buttons can be used normally operating conditions. Starting stokers, ash transmission arrangements should be in active work freely situation. Relief vent should be in the ups and downs, close active cases. Power on the surface, each surface in availability. Fill furnace slag, wood, waste cloth, oil and diesel ready.
Gas furnace before use must be prepared to work best if your preparation is imperfect, very probably cause gas furnace can not be normal use.
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