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How gas furnace stoker, see the fire and reduce slagging operations
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 Gas furnace stoker
Coaling Typically, the heating furnace and the burner flame is determined that the gas outlet temperature level (or flaming furnace), the stoker should be "fast, uniform." Gas outlet temperature is high and the risk of fire, indicating that coal material layer is thin, should increase the amount of coal; and inability burner flame fire red color cast, even a small number of black smoke, indicating a lack of gas, the gas layer may have a charge or burn knot dregs phenomenon, should be added to coal or play brazing, adhere to the normal furnace vaporization.
Gas furnace to see the fire
Normal operation, the surface of the furnace coal seam was red, and there is a uniform dark mottled. In order to make the fuel uniformly distributed along the cross-section, breaking slagging fuel layer and the elimination of coal seam hanging phenomenon, should play by the line solder according to the combustion conditions to ensure proper vaporization. When brazing seam holes from the survey, we do not see the light of the flames, which marked the furnace and the coal seam fire layers thick, thin coal seam gas quality generally or errors. If gas grayish black, the temperature reached 800 ℃ dominated long flame coal seams, coal seams and fire marked layers are thinner, gas, CO2 and H2O are more poor quality gas, this gas into the kiln combustion, flame hair muddy.
How to reduce gas furnace cinder operation
Due to improper operation or coal, coal particle size and other factors, may cause slagging of the furnace vaporization luck, the following aspects should be reduced slagging: Depending on the coal, grain size, choose a reasonable amount of steam; controlling the temperature of the combustion layer in the ash melting point; properly grasp the rhythm of slag, slag solder fight when necessary.
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