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Gas ambition gasification furnace in which policy
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Under ideal conditions gasification, carbon is completely converted to co, b.c reaction of CO and oxygen to generate heat released exclusively for steam differentiation reaction, adiabatic gasification system. Chemical heat of carbon will be fully transferred without losing gas, making cold gas gasification power up to 100070, the results of the calculation approach ambition gasification, gasification material practice is not pure carbon furnace gas, the presence of various by-gasification and a variety of reaction heat lost, practice guidelines and ambition gasification gasification approach there is a big gap.
Calorific value way forward existing gas furnace gas, gas furnace gas calorific value is low, the primary combustible components CO and H}, they are mainly from C0} recovery steam reaction and differentiation response. By lump classification screening, stable layer of air handling and proper oven temperature and the temperature of fullness and other methods to achieve the gas yield proceeds, reducing the carbon content of slag and gas calorific value added intentions. N} is put into the air, about the gas volume fraction 5007001V} component is lazy, if they can reduce the gas content in N}, we can advance the calorific value of gas furnace gas. After calculation, every one percentage point of N =, can advance gas calorific value 40-50k, J / m3. In the gasification policy ambitions, the gas in the volume fraction of only N = 37.6070 reduce N} content potential. The choice of excess oxygen concentration of the gasification, gas calorific value can move forward, but the air-oxygen into the wood is too high. Document} "on the use of waste heat released by the heat pipe gas preheating gasifying agent, forward and calorific value gas production, improve the progress of the reaction gas furnace gas by gasifying agent significantly advancing blast temperature, the gas agent steam in overheating, so brought in a lot of physical heat, and steam at overheating, both to speed up the gasification reaction rate, but also reduce the chemical supply coal burning thermal oxidation occurs, so saving gas furnace carbon, but also reduce the air supply, and less into N}, forward the calorific value of gas. this is a prerequisite skills gasification gasification process is not slagging, small slagging , there must be economical heat source, in addition to its own gas furnace heat, but also the use of waste heat from industrial furnaces more than Jiangxi factory with modern carbon black furnace waste heat air preheated to 700 ℃, usually mixed with steam boilers fullness after together bubbled gas furnace, reducing the gas furnace gas N} content, gas furnace gas contains high CH ,, C?, H? and other ingredients, calorific value of gas goes to 7550-7900kJ / m3.
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