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Gas furnace pulverized coal gasification technology
TIME:2016-9-23 10:47:58 | VIEW:
With the rapid development of technology, a variety of new types of gas furnace brand of environmental protection appears to attract a lot of customers to patronize; two-stage gas furnace equipment took place in a single stage gas produced on the basis of the effect of using a very significant for customers to bring more benefits. Two-stage furnace due to the dry distillation furnace section and the gasification section of the material layer height of 6-8 meters, increasing resistance furnace, gas production decreased sufficiently dry distillation.
The current gas furnace anthracite coal can be used, because the binding of relatively strong, then this is quite bad. Coal preparation time so we must choose weak adhesion anthracite, lean coal coke and so on. Whether you choose what kind of coal above, select the weak adhesion is an important consideration.
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