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Wanfeng introduced coal gasification Characteristics
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Two-stage gas furnace gasification of coal suitable for the non-caking coal, weakly caking coal, long-flame coal and other bituminous coal. Although relatively single-stage gas furnace, the two-stage gas furnace applicable to a wide range of coal, but the indicators are still raw coal requirements more stringent. By limiting the rate of lump coal: lump smaller than a predetermined lower limit of the mass fraction of particle size portion. Thermal stability index TS + 6: amount of a certain amount of coal particle size of 6 ~ 13mm, at (850 ± 15) ℃ muffle furnace heated air condition isolated after 30min weighing, sieving, particle size greater than Chars quality 6mm diameter at all levels as a percentage of the sum of the residual coke quality. After the crushing strength of the ability to characterize a certain particle size of coal sample free fall resistance to crushing: the particle size of 60 ~ 100mm lump free fall from a height of 2m on predetermined thickness steel plate, then falling coal particle size greater than 25mm lump fall again, dropping a total of three times, after crushing to a particle size greater than 25mm of lump coal accounted kind of quality score represents the crushing strength of coal.
With two-stage gas furnace stringent requirements compared to coal, ash agglomerating fluidized bed coal gasifier applicable relatively broad, enabling the localization of raw coal. Cinder greater the adhesion properties of the code is stronger, 1 to No. 2 without bond, 3 to 4 weak adhesion, 5-8 Number strong adhesion. The results showed that all the tests in coal ash agglomerating fluidized bed gasifier are able to achieve continuous and stable gasification, gasification ideal effect. But gasification technical and economic indicators and operational characteristics of different coals slightly different basis having particular coal gasification system to determine the appropriate operating parameters.
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