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Saturation temperature gas furnace in accordance with what is established?
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For each of the gasifier, a coal using coal, at different flow, different conditions, different types of steam and steam temperature, the saturation temperature is different, so the saturation temperature should be varied according to the situation at the time of production , but not immutable.
① For different furnace gas furnace, due to their different diameters, thickness of material is different, and different saturation thermometer installed location, possibly in the same time by setting coal requirements are different.
② different coals, the size of the group using the saturation temperature is mainly determined by the level of coal ash melting point, when coal ash melting point is high, the saturation temperature can be correspondingly small, for coal ash melting point is low, the saturation temperature use too high.
③ air flow, the oxidation reaction is severe, the relative fire surface temperature will be higher, then you need to increase the saturation temperature, the flow rate of the oxidation reaction in the air relative ease, the saturation temperature can be lowered relatively few.
④ When the gas furnace slagging occurred, the fire floor when a serious decline, it is appropriate to increase the saturation temperature increase water vapor content to deal with, when in a cold gas furnace operation, the general decline in the temperature of the material layer, the saturation temperature can be reduced by appropriate to deal with.
⑤ Where the use of steam and saturated steam production for external supply, then use the saturation temperature may be lower, the use of superheated steam outside supply, because of overheating when the air is heated to a certain temperature, the water vapor content to be slightly lower , it is possible to use as the saturation temperature of the steam content indicated will be higher.
When put into operation a new gas stove, after selecting coal to make tests to determine the saturation temperature of the different flows.
A new coal gasification test before using the new species to determine the saturation temperature that should be taken. Saturation temperature after the test shall be determined by a range rather than a single value.
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