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Comparison of Main Quality of Briquette and Raw Coal in Gas Producer
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1, the degree of briquette: briquette is formed through the machinery, there are various shapes, such as ovoid (civilian briquettes shape), pillow type, cylindrical and so on. Since the dimensions of the briquettes after forming are uniform, the lumpiness of the briquette is uniform, which is advantageous for gasification.
2, the mechanical pre-degree and thermal stability: mechanical strength for briquette is very important in the coal formation process some crushing strength and wear resistance are better, such as carbonized coal (carbonized coal briquettes), not only cold Good strength (to a person standing on the ball, the ball will not break), and thermal stability is better. Tar slag briquettes of its cold strength can be, but its thermal stability is relatively poor, will produce heat after the fracture, and its wear resistance is not very good, in the transport process, easy to produce sticky powder. Another example is the clay briquettes in the absorption of water after its strength is significantly reduced.
3, the reactivity: but also because of coal and forming different ways to bituminous coal-based briquette, especially after the hot-pressed coal, the reactivity is better than the original coal, such as Datong Coal Into the briquette than the Datong coal reactivity 40-70% higher, but the lime briquettes is the reaction activity is poor, so after gasification of carbon dioxide in the gas is relatively high.
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