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Wanfeng gas furnace from the theory of molecular motion to explain the concept of temperature
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 Temperature is one of the commonly used state parameters of coal gas production. It is used in gas production to show the solid, liquid, heat, and temperature of the process. The gas temperature, the temperature of the furnace, Gas and other different materials, the degree of cold and heat, furnace outlet gas temperature in 45O Ha 55 degrees, known as the "hot" gas, and after cleaning the gas temperature of 25 to 40 degrees, this time called "cold" gas , & Lt;
The hot and cold objects are mainly related to the speed of molecular motion in the object. When the molecular motion speed is high, the kinetic energy of the molecule itself is high and the temperature is high. On the contrary, when the molecular motion is slow, the molecular kinetic energy is small, Low. After the object is heated by external conditions, at this time, the molecules due to heat and the movement speed increases, molecular kinetic energy increases, so the object temperature rises, the opposite object by external conditions and cooling, the molecular cooling rate of movement, molecular kinetic energy Down, so the object temperature drops.
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