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How is the height of the bed determined in a fixed bed gasification?
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The height of the material layer in the gasifier depends on the height of each layer (drying layer, retort layer, reducing layer, oxide layer and slag layer) of the composition layer, and the gasification strength And other factors vary.

1, the slag layer is generally little change, usually in the gasification intensity is greater because the slagging rate and faster slagging rate, this time the ash layer may be appropriate to thicken, the center ash layer is generally about 150-300 mm , Less than 150 mm has been damaged furnace grate.

2, the general thickness of the oxide layer is 100-150 mm. The main oxidation reaction in gasification is only about 150 mm thick. This is because the oxidation reaction is in the diffusion zone reaction, the chemical reaction is very fast and the reaction time is shorter, so the layer is thin.

3, the reduction layer is in the dynamic zone reaction, the chemical reaction is slow, so this layer thickness than the oxide layer thicker in the gasification strength increases or the requirement to improve the CO content in the gas may be appropriate to thicken the reduction layer.

4, the thickness of the distillation layer is determined by the volatiles in the fuel yield, if the volatiles yield is high, you need a longer time of the dry distillation, and thus thicker distillation layer; if the volatile yield is low, the distillation layer can be more Thinner, bituminous coal than the thickness of the dry distillation layer of anthracite, coke almost no retort layer.

5, the thickness of the drying layer is determined by the water in the fuel layer, such as the use of wood gasification, it is necessary to use high dry layer, so that it can fully dehydrated.

In summary, the gasification of various fuel material layer height is roughly:

Wood> lignite> bituminous coal> anthracite> coke

From the perspective of the empty layer, the order is just the opposite.

In some furnaces, the layers are controlled according to the use of bituminous coal, anthracite and coke, which can be coal and ash.

For some furnaces, such as the W-G furnace from the feeding tube, there are some level control to control the recruitment of coal, to maintain its material layer height.

In order to make the bituminous coal fully dry distillation in the two-stage gas furnace, the thickness of the distillate layer is particularly large, and in the case of the other layers close to the single-stage furnace, the aggregate layer is the highest in the fixed-bed furnaces .

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