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Introduction of Reasons of Furnace Burning in Gas
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Gas furnace bottom fire caused by the reasons and the furnace surface caused by the opposite, the furnace surface is the air to reach the furnace surface in different situations caused by fire, the bottom of the fire because the hot gas back to the bottom, with the furnace Bottom of the gasification agent caused by a mixture of fire, so it is an upward air, a downward gas, the two different medium walking, the direction is different.
The reasons for the formation of fire bottom:
1, the air main (or air branch) of the gate valve or the adjustment of the butterfly valve is suddenly a significant small, resulting in air mains or branch pipe low pressure furnace gas pressure greater than the bottom pressure, causing gas back, gas back process, Hot reduction layer and gasification layer, to further heating, hot gas reached the bottom of the furnace when mixed with air caused by fire, this time will cause the bottom water seal washed away, and then run the gas generated by the bottom of the phenomenon.
However, the above-mentioned bottom-firing is produced in a cold gas system composed of a plurality of generators, and this phenomenon does not occur in a one-to-one situation (i.e., a fan, a furnace and a conveyor).
2, the whole station power outage, the remaining gas back, causing fire.
In the hot gas war, the general gas is generated by the force of the blast power, there is no gas pressure device, when the blower loss of power, the gas will not be pressure, so it will not produce reversion phenomenon, and therefore does not produce Bottom fire.
Treatment of gas furnace bottom shot is the rapid injection of a large number of steam to the bottom of the furnace, a positive pressure to form the bottom, and then the steam involved in the air and gas, can delay its re-shot.
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