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Application of Coke in Gas Production
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 Wanfeng gas furnace manufacturers: coke production is the product of coke. It is in the coke oven in the indirect air through the isolation of air heated to 900-1000 degrees Celsius, in the heating process (that is, coking process, also known as the coal dry distillation process), the coal of organic matter began to escape, accompanied by cracking reaction, So that the formation of gaseous, liquid and water vapor and other mixture to escape the furnace, the cleaning purification, recycling and other processes, to obtain tar and coke oven gas, while leaving the coke oven inside the coal particles (raw materials in the coal blending process to a certain ), And bonded to each other to produce coke.
As the coal through the dry distillation and the formation of coke, so the volatile content of coke in the low, generally only about 1%, colleagues coking coal, are generally fine-washed coal, so the coke in the ash is relatively low, Generally good metallurgical coke ash <10%. Coke is widely used as a raw material for gasification, and coke is an ideal gasification raw material in water gas production because it is easier to purify than in the case of using anthracite as gasification feedstock. In the fixed-bed fixed-bed mixed gas furnace, coke in the furnace, W-G furnace and <∅ 3M in some gasification are good gasification effect.
The use of coke in the production of mixed producer gas is characterized by:
1, can not use large coke size, which will make the gasification is not complete, resulting in increased carbon content of slag, the general should adopt 13-25 mm, some plants have used 6-13 mm of coke.
2, gasification intensity is lower than bituminous coal and anthracite.
3, the operation is characterized by low material layer, because no retort layer, so the total layer is relatively small.
4, coke is mainly used for the production of cold gas, but some units also have the use of coke to produce hot gas, which is desirable for small hot gas stations, this time can be used short-distance transport of non-thermal gas piping, but will not produce tar Deposition.
5, calorific value is relatively low, because the gas composition of high calorific value of hydrocarbons, the amount of methane is also very low, so calorific value than the use of bituminous coal gas is low 400-600 kJ / cubic meters.
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