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What is the chemical changes in the gas furnace
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       Substances in the process of change in the material involved in the change and the resulting material has different properties, this change is called chemical changes. For example, the burning of producer gas, the combustion of coal gas before combustion is carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane and hydrocarbons, combustion is not oxygen, combustion produces carbon dioxide and water vapor, before and after burning the material is different, so combustion is A chemical change. Coal gasification is also a chemical change in the oxidation and reduction layers. Oxygen and water vapor in the oxidant react with carbon in the coal to produce carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which are not the original carbon, oxygen and water vapor. Is a new substance, so the gasification reaction is also a chemical change.
        From the molecular structure of view, participate in the chemical changes in several substances in the molecular process of re-combination, and the composition of several new material molecules, molecular structure has changed, so its material has also changed.
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