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Is coal an organic matter?
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Coal is an organic compound, it is a mixture of different organic compounds, both high molecular compounds, there are low molecular weight compounds, the molecular weight from 200 to 1000, and some even more than 1000. From an organic chemical point of view, its basic structural units both aromatic ring, there are non-aromatic, such as naphthenics, alkyl groups and other functional groups. Since these condensed aromatic compounds and non-aromatic linkages through the bond to form a variety of molecular weight different polymer compounds.
In the past there have been many scientists put forward coal structure model, but these models are the result of theoretical research, can not be fully formal reaction coal structure.
As coal contains large amounts of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and these elements constitute the organic structure, it can be considered that coal is organic matter, but this understanding is not comprehensive, because the entire coal forming process, but also with There are a lot of sediment, rocks and other substances, which is what we usually call the inorganic minerals in the coal, these minerals are a variety of metal carbonates, sulfates, there are some metal elements and metal oxides, sulfides ... and so on, as well as water, which, in the process of coal and organic matter mixed together after the process of coalification, and finally, in the naked eye can not seem to distinguish between inorganic and organic matter.
Therefore, strictly speaking, the coal producer that the coal is a variety of organic compounds and a variety of inorganic compounds in a mixture is correct.
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