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Key Points of Exploitation of Blast Furnace Gas Burner for Tube Gas
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Tube gas furnace to use blast furnace gas instead of coke oven gas, must have a safe and efficient burner. Through the analysis of blast furnace gas combustion characteristics data shows that the biggest drawback of blast furnace gas combustion stability is poor, easy to flame. Therefore, in the development of blast furnace gas burner in the process, how to ensure the safe and effective use of blast furnace gas, is the key. Carbon monoxide is the main combustible components in blast furnace gas, accounting for more than 90% combustible ingredients. Is a colorless, tasteless toxic gases, are highly hazardous. Because the ignition temperature of blast furnace gas is higher than that of coke oven gas, the range of ignition concentration is narrow. Once the pressure fluctuation causes the burner to be dehumidified, the furnace will turn off and the gas leakage will lead to a major safety accident. Therefore, to prevent flameout is the key to this technology. To prevent burner flameout, blast furnace gas combustion must meet the following requirements.
1) the relative concentration of air and gas appropriate, and in the combustible interval.
2) The average gas velocity at the outlet of the burner is controlled within the combustible interval.
3) preheat the gas, so that the gas temperature close to the fire temperature, easy to fire.
4) set the torch at the burner exit (long light) as the ignition source.
To ensure that the burner does not turn off the burner in the central additional a radiant tube on duty torch, blast furnace gas burner diagram.
Blast furnace gas burner for the triple cylinder, the outermost of the air channel, the middle layer of the main blast furnace gas channel, the central radiation tube on duty torch. Blast furnace gas burner by the combustion chamber, radiant tube and torch on duty to form an independent system to prevent changes in external conditions affect the combustion. The combustion chamber is provided with a nozzle for injecting, and the air is mixed with the residual pressure of coal gas for combustion.
In order to stabilize the gas in the gas furnace combustion, the use of good combustion characteristics of fuel (coke oven gas, etc.), the combustion flame can be radiant tube heat pipe outside the main blast furnace gas, radiation tube head is on duty Torch, located in the burner main gas Outlet, and a plurality of lateral fire holes. The outer air and blast furnace gas are mixed at the outlet of the burner and ignited by the innermost layer of the torch.
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