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Gas producer gas pipe manufacturers on the introduction
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 Transmission of different pressures, different degrees of purification of a variety of gas.
(1) dirty gas pipeline: also known as hot gas pipeline, which is the main gas station in the gas transmission pipeline, and in the cold gas station this pipe is only a period, but also a very short period of time, is installed in place Furnace out to the entrance of the stand pipe. In the hot gas stations are used in thermal gas piping insulation measures to avoid excessive gas temperature drop. Insulation in the form of internal insulation, that is built in the gas pipeline refractory bricks, but also the use of external insulation, that is, outside the gas pipe coated with insulation materials, but the effect is not very good. In the cold gas station, this section of the pipe due to a short distance, without insulation.
(2) semi-net gas pipeline: is the first cleaning and cooling after the semi-clean gas after the pipeline, after the exit of the stand pipe to the import of electricity in addition to the tar tube this interval.
(3) the net gas pipeline: is transported through the purification of several (some is a washing, a tar addition, some of the second washing) of the gas. Which can also be divided into a variety of:
A. Low-pressure (net gas) pipeline: is just after the final purification of the gas pipeline, the general pressure of 0.2 to 1.0 kPa or so.
B. Medium-pressure (net gas) piping: The medium-pressure gas-generating station is an overhead gas pipeline for industrial users. The pressure is below 10 kPa.
C. High-pressure (net gas) piping: Pipes with pressures between 10 and 25 kPa.
7. If the gas station is equipped with sewage treatment facilities, there are various water quality of the water pipes, air system piping, pharmaceutical pipeline, regeneration agent, extractant pipeline and sediment discharge pipe, station area and the station outside the sewage automatic recovery Sewage recovery pipeline.
8. Part of the gas station with oxygen-rich blast, there are oxygen delivery of oxygen pipelines.
9. Part of the instrument using pneumatic, there are compressed air pipes, motors and ventilation for forced ventilation of the air pipe, the pressure cycle of the oil pipeline.
10. Some units on-site maintenance of the laying of the cutting oxygen pipeline and acetylene pipeline.
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