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Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Effect of Two - stage Gas Generator
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Two-stage gasifier gasification principle Based on the fixed bed gasification, raw coal and gasification agent in the gasifier in the reverse run contact reaction. The gas produced by the coal pyrolysis reaction in the upper part of the gasification furnace is not completely cracked in the gasification furnace so as to obtain a large amount of tar and phenolic substances in the gas in the distillate section of the gasifier and the organic sulfide content high. After the purification of crude gas generated by the phenol wastewater and tar residue is not easy to deal with, likely to cause environmental pollution. The amount of phenol wastewater produced by raw coal is about 100kg / t. The waste water contains phenol, cyanide, tar, suspended substance, sulfide and ammonia nitrogen and other toxic substances. The quality of phenol Concentration of 8500 ~ 10000mg / L. The concentration of organic pollutants in phenol wastewater is high, biochemical toxic and inhibitory substances are much, and biodegradation process is difficult to realize the complete degradation of organic pollutants. In the industrial wastewater discharge standards become increasingly stringent requirements and the general situation of tight water supply, the realization of waste water resources utilization and harmless treatment is particularly important. At present, the cost of treatment of phenol-containing wastewater is high. For example, the cost of incineration of phenol-containing wastewater (the concentration of phenol is 8500 ~ 10000mg / L) is 1200-1500 yuan / t [7].
Ash fluidized bed gasifier using mass transfer, high heat transfer efficiency of fluidized bed processing of pulverized coal, coal and gasification agent in the bottom of the dense phase into the gasifier began to react, coal gasification Coal gas pyrolysis and gasification of the gas produced by the pyrolysis of the region through the high-temperature, almost no tar, no oil, no coal tar, Phenols and organic sulfides.
For the energy-saving effect, in the same scale, the ash fusion fluidized bed gasifier configuration number, less auxiliary facilities, gasification system heat loss is correspondingly lower. In addition, ash fusible fluidized bed gasifier gas pressure generated by the gas can be matched according to user needs to recover the pressure device, thereby generating energy efficiency.
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