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Composition and Characteristics of Two - stage Gas Generator
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Two-stage gas furnace has two series, divided into two-stage gas furnace gas purification station and two-stage gas gasification furnace gas desulfurization tar gas station; two-stage gas furnace is composed of dry distillation and gasification section Coal gasification equipment. It is 30-80mm bituminous coal as raw material in the upper part of the gas stove in the dry distillation, distillation of semi-coke into the lower section of the two-stage gasification reaction, the coal dry distillation and redox concentration in the same gasifier to complete, The generated dry distillation gas and the gasification gas are respectively subjected to the processes of dust removal, oil removal, cooling and desulphurization after optimized disposition. The treated clean coal gas is supplied to an industrial kiln as a fuel through a pressurized conveying system. The whole system includes coal screening and lifting system, coal charging system, air supply system, light and tar capture and recovery cooling system, and water extraction of phenol and water. The two-stage cold-cleaning gas station process is a systematic project of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration. Processing, automatic control systems, gas storage and pressurized output systems.
Two-stage gas furnace significant features:
(1) gas gasification of high efficiency, high gasification intensity, the gas generated by high calorific value
(2) gas furnace operation is stable, air flow uniformity, load adjustment range
(3) easy to carry out desulfurization treatment, dehydration treatment, and long-distance transport
(4) is suitable for the application of the product fuel requirements of higher equipment applications
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