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Gas furnace operators can be based on which aspects to determine furnace conditions?
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According to the production process may be exposed to the phenomenon and data to the gasifier for qualitative or quantitative judgments, these five areas are:
1, according to the measured when the brazing of the handle and the color of each paragraph of the qualitative analysis of the solder, according to the brazing solder obtained from the sub-location of the furnace level distribution of the furnace.
2, according to the site of the furnace instrumentation instructions gas process parameters of the points to obtain the value of the information, according to the instrument at different stages of the parameters of stability or changes in the situation that the stability of furnace conditions.
3, according to escape the color of gas to determine the quality of gas, according to the gas analysis data that gasification effect is good or bad.
According to the amount of slag and the amount of coal to determine the size of the furnace gasification intensity, according to the color and lump of slag to determine gasification situation, according to slag carbon content analysis to determine the gasification.
5. According to the steam collector and the vapor pressure to determine the size of the furnace gasification intensity and level of change.
According to the above five aspects of the situation, the operator to analyze, exclude abnormal data and individual phenomena, to repeat, exchange and comparison.Then the conclusion of the gas furnace real situation.
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