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Gas stove exports why the phenomenon of frequent cracking?
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Gas furnace in the production and shutdown when the temperature varies greatly in the production, the water jacket of the furnace in the 100-110 ℃ around the furnace outlet water jacket part of the 550 ℃ or so; the furnace temperature drop throughout the furnace As the room temperature, the water jacket body temperature difference is 70-100 ℃, furnace outlet part of the temperature difference of about 500 ℃.
Furnace heat expansion and contraction of a small amount of coal expansion joints, can be compensated, and the furnace outlet part of the furnace and stand due to the short distance between the expansion and contraction can not use the furnace and stand pipe deformation to be compensated , So the furnace export coil steel tube in the strong tension and pressure under repeated action is very easy to crack.
In the W-G furnace, a single stage expansion is employed at the outlet of the gas furnace
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