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What is the thermal operation of the gas furnace?
TIME:2016-12-30 11:40:17 | VIEW:
The thermal operation of the gasifier means that the temperature of the charge layer is too high. Usually, the temperature of the fire layer in the material layer is too high and the surface layer is too high. When the fire temperature is too high. It will have just under the fire layer of ash in the ash layer slagging phenomenon, when the gas out of the furnace temperature does not reflect the fire furnace temperature is too high, only by measuring the solder and according to the discharge of ash can be reflected , So the fire layer temperature is too high, in the normal distribution is difficult to detect. Another phenomenon of thermal operation is the upward movement of the entire layer, while the coal seam is very thin, this is to show the material surface temperature is high, then the furnace temperature is also high. The third thermal run, the performance of the material layer most burn through, fire layer exposed, furnace gas temperature rise quickly. Thermal run results, the former is due to deterioration caused by slag, affecting the next stage of production, the latter two are immediately reflect the gas quality (calorific value) decline.
Therefore, together, the gas furnace heat run is characterized by a "hot" word, the way to deal with thermal operation is symptomatic there are two different ways. For the former fire layer is too high, it is to increase the saturation temperature to increase the steam in the blast to speed up the decomposition of water vapor reaction, so that the fire temperature down. For the latter two material layer surface temperature is too high, should be appropriate to speed up the ash, increase the amount of coal, to improve the material thickness.
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