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Gas furnace partial run of the formation of reasons
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1. As a result of a gray body defects caused by congenital, often in the large gray knife on the fire layer before the shift, a large gray knife after the fire layer down, the situation is severe, the side caused by surface flames, the other side caused fire floor .
2. As the air flow and the performance of coal institutions do not adapt to the small flow, the edge temperature is often low, while the central high temperature. In high flow, the edge temperature is often high.
3. Because of the particle size of coal can also cause partial furnace, when the use of smaller particles of coal, the center of coal and more central temperature is low, the edge of the high temperature. When the use of coal particle size is too large, the center temperature is high, the edge temperature is low.
4. As a result of slagging, and slag block, affecting the part of the material layer rise, resulting in partial furnace.
5, due to improper slag, high-speed large amount of ash out of the slag, resulting in a large gray knife after the local area of the fire floor and partial furnace.
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