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To solve the problem of partial operation of the gas furnace is the right remedy
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 To solve the problem of partial operation of the gas furnace is the right remedy, should avoid long-term high-flow production or long-term production of small flow, the ash out of the organization's problems, should be adjusted in the distribution around the length and width of the small knife to adjust its According to the temperature distribution of each layer of the material layer, respectively, to determine whether to give coal or not. Plus coal, more coal or less coal; for the ash, to absolutely prevent the quick out, Meng out, should actively promote the small cycle of the ash law.

At the same time, partial furnace also depends on the manual operation, that is, the surface temperature should be higher than the brazing, the surface temperature should be more low brazing brazing,
For slagging, in particular, serious slagging of the site should be promptly processed knot i check.
Partial furnace sometimes turn along the direction of rotation of the ash tray, which is mainly in the case of a large slag, the slag in the base and the skirt between the furnace, not easily broken, so slag block is squeezed transmission, Slag block above the total, there is a low temperature zone, gas furnace and the two sides of the ventilation is particularly strong and the formation of high-temperature zone.
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