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There are several ways to gas tar grate row?
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 There are several ways to gas tar grate row? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Gas stove tar is generally there are three ways: the use of oil seal, tar tank and the use of oil pipes and other three methods: 1, tar seal row of the most commonly used tar, that is, a container to withstand the tar from the electric tar in addition to, to A certain level of overflow on its own out. 2, the tar tank row of tar is in addition to the electric cone in addition to a row under the direct insertion of tubing in the pool to form a certain oil level to keep the gas seal. 3, the tower overflow oil discharge, which is the use of n-tube, in the tower on the formation of oil seals, tar to a certain level when the overflow out. This approach because the tar temperature in the tower close to the gas temperature can not be the other to steam insulation.
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