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The working principle of the gas furnace is based on coal as raw material to produce gas, gas equipment for the use of the device.
The air and water vapor as a gasifying agent are blown into the furnace from the bottom of the furnace and undergo redox reaction with the char in the gasification stage at the temperature of 1100-1200 DEG C to form carbon monoxide and hydrogen as the main components Of the gas. Gas is divided into two parts to run up, part of the gas through the lower section of the sandwich channel up about 4 meters, the heat through the indirect transmission of refractory material to the coal, auxiliary dry distillation and drying process to ensure that the process of falling coal can be fully dried And the final part of the gas from the lower gas outlet is called the lower gas; and the other part of the gas in the gas charge into the distillation layer up to the slow down through the gasification of coal direct contact, the heat Directly to the coal gasification, the above-mentioned dry distillation, drying process, while generating part of the high-calorific value of alkane gas-based dry distillation of gas. This portion of the upstream gas and the dry distillation gas generated in the process together with the export of gas from the upper section to form the upper gas.
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