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Wanfeng introduced energy-saving measures of gas furnace
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01 Units that use gas furnaces to heat kilns or spray dryers should pay attention to equipment that significantly affects energy consumption levels. Select the furnace will choose a good energy-saving gas furnace. Two-stage gas stove than single-stage gas stove energy saving about 15%.
02 a stage gas furnace saturation temperature as much as possible to control the 56 ~ 61 ℃, reasonable control of this temperature will increase the calorific value of gas to improve the gas CH4 content, while more difficult to burn slag borer is not easy. This adjustment, CO may not be higher, there may be only 28% to 29%, but the gas calorific value increased, which means less gas needed to produce the required coal consumption will be reduced, it will save coal and reduce costs . Two-stage gas furnace saturation temperature is generally controlled at 55 ~ 63 ℃, which should be based on gas quality and types of coal as the basis for adjustment, the purpose is to increase the gas calorific value, increase gas production, reduce coal consumption. The second is the CO will increase, but the calorific value is not the highest; Third, the oxide layer is too high temperature is likely to cause large lumps of slag, the first is easy to increase the temperature of the gas outlet, , Or even a large area of slagging, the fourth is not easy to control when the ash layer burner grate.
03 a paragraph gas furnace of empty high as possible low, preferably in the 1.5 ~ 1.6m, and preferably every time less coal plus coal. The temperature of the coal is controlled at 460-480 ℃. Coal in the furnace of the lengthening of the journey, the coal layer thickening, not only gas-making ability, and more fully, higher calorific value of gas is more stable, slag residual carbon content is lower.
04 Ash residue is best to be as low as 250kCal residual heat, the lower the better.
05 control the pressure of the inlet fan gas temperature, preferably not more than 35 ℃. More than 35 ℃, it will increase the water content of gas, the excess water burned in the kiln will naturally lead to more gas consumption.
06 coal acceptance index control is very important, the calorific value of coal should be as high as possible, the higher the calorific value of the more coal. Coal mechanical strength should be large, ash to be small, particles should be uniform, external water should be small, less than 0.5% sulfur. These indicators control the better, the more coal province.
07 gas station gas calorific value, residual carbon, coal consumption, power consumption into the system of reward and punishment management. The selection of more qualified gas station owners, technicians, experienced operatives are extremely important, are indispensable.
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